What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality definition comes from the definitions of both words, "reality" and "virtual".

So that "reality" is what we experience as human beings and "virtual" is to be close or near. So the term "virtual reality" basically means "quasi-reality

Therefore Virtual Reality is the term used to describe a three dimensional environment, computer generated which can be explored and in which we can interact.

Way to the future with illusionBox.

With illusionBox we invite users to completely immerse themselves in a highly visual world to explore through their senses, so that with the natural form of interaction within this world they obtain a result of new ways of communication and understanding.

illusionBox establish a new relationship between the use of the coordinates of space and time, exceeding the time-space barriers and setting an environment in which information and communication are shown accessible from perspectives yet unknown, at least in terms of volume and possibilities.

Virtual reality allows the generation of interactive environments that separate the need to share the space-time, in this case providing new contexts of exchange..

Free movements.

The sensations of a virtual world imitate experiences in real-world scenarios such as:

  • Walk down buildings or unusual spaces
  • Enjoy a concert or a movie
  • A virtual operation
  • Play or participate in a battle
  • Moving to a historic event
  • Interact with a piece of art or an exhibition

Furthermore, the fact that this can be done with illusionBox in a 3D environment, means that a similar experience to that in the real world is replicated, but without many of the risks, costs or displacement added to reality.

Problems anticipation with illusionBox.

Virtual reality can also act as a problem-solving device in which we are allowed to explore various options for finding a solution.

Entrepreneurially virtual reality can be used to produce a prototype, then be discussed with the illusionBox then send the results and prints the design team. The advantage of this is that it allows designers to make changes in the design before manufacture, which saves time and money.

This is a wise choice when proceeding with the construction of a physical prototype, because it is expensive to produce and to make changes, especially if they may be subjected to various alterations.

Start your virtual experience


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