¿What is illusionBox?

IllusionBox is a display device designed to provide 360º immersive experiences of images, videos and 3D scenes with your own smartphone, providing a depth optical illusion called Immersive Virtual stereoscopy, which aims to produce a reality appearance or simulation that allows the user to feel inside this virtual reality.

They allow us to use every smartphone in the market which has gyroscope and accelerometer so we are able to view a stereoscopic image display and 3D video with a unique sense of Immersive Virtual Reality.

These tracking systems map the user's movements and adjust the images according to this, that is, each time the user turns his head, walking in one direction or performs some other action, the scene before him changes depending on its position.

How does it work?

illusionBox is very easy to use:
  1. Choose and download the App you wish to use
  2. Insert your smartphone in your illusionbox
  3. Close your illusionBox
  4. Start enjoying your virtual experience!

Through illusionBox´s viewfinders each eye’s retina receives a 2D projection from two slightly different perspectives which the brain reconstructs giving us a 3D experience with depth.

Thanks to the gyroscope and accelerometer included in the current smartphone, the effect of virtual reality through the illusionBox is entire, because with these devices, movement, head orientation and location are detected, monitored and used to calculate what to display in the eyes at all times.

Integrated sensors (gyroscope, magnetic compass and gravity sensor) are those that determine the orientation of the SmartPhone and therefore of our head, the (GPS and accelerometer) are what determine our location.

The correct distance from our eyes to visualize the device must be between 5 and 7 cm focal length so that the use of lenses to correct image focus is necessary. Along with the lenses and preventing the cross display on the left and right of the screen we get the two images to give us a single one in a real immersion 3d experience in a virtual world.

illusionBox’s target

The concepts behind virtual reality are based on theories about the human desire to escape the confines of the "real world" embracing cyberspace. Once there we can interact with this virtual environment in a more naturalistic way to generate new forms of human-machine interaction.

The aim of illusionBox is going beyond standard forms of interaction, such as keyboard and mouse with which most people work daily. This is seen as an artificial way to work that forces people to adapt to the demands of technology and not vice versa.

Start your virtual experience


Go to our online store, buy your illusionBox, download the recommended VR APP you prefer
and start enjoying the latest in Virtual Reality.

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